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Making a Donation You Help All These People

You can rest assured using our online donation system is totally safe – we use the same security as many banks, the credit card details you use below are not collected or kept for any purpose.

Monthly Donates
Every Month You Will be Able to Help Someone
Starter Pack
  • Donating online is an alternate method for contributing to the Funero, similar to giving your donation to your bishop.
Extended Pack
  • To support sick children through the Funero’s Foundation, you should make a transfer to one
Premium Pack
  • If you prefer, donate using credit card, check, money order, wire transfer or travelers' check via regular post.
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Buying These Goods You Help People in Need
If You Want to Make a Donation Please Check Out This Information
Your security is very important to you and to us. This is why we have invested time and resources into making sure you can make a secure donation on our website.

Your donation will help us continue supporting those who experience loss and the professionals who care for those we love. For more than 30 years we have proudly served as a trusted and valued resource for the hospice community. Your support will help us continue reaching our goals of changing how we live and how we die by raising awareness through information, community engagement and education. For your convenience, we offer a secure facility for online donations, using your credit card or PayPal:

  • Nordbank IBAN EE797178500010380024
  • Danski IBAN EE403300408003345300
  • SEAB IBAN EE202610201001491011
  • Swissbank IBAN EE028740221015268282
  • LDC IBAN EE078007527100710613.
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